The Source of My Work

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies[.]”

The Book Reviews

If you fancy fine wordplay and the art of articulation, peruse the reviews below for your next big read. Once a week on Saturdays at noon CST I will release another review of one of the primary 3 genres (Business, Classical Literature or Spiritual/Religious). I will also release a top pick once a month across any genre that I think will benefit your wonderful lives. Please feel free to ask for specific books you would like reviews for, or specific information/guidance you would like for me to provide in each review in the comments below or in an email. You can find all of my contact info under the contact page.

In the meantime, read on!

The Video Reviews
For those who would prefer to see ruggedly handsome rather than words on a screen to find out about your next book to read, check this page out! Videos will release every Saturday at noon (CST) and will correlate with the book chosen for review that week. Please let me know if you prefer reading the blog style reviews or watching the video style more!

Also, feel free to leave requests, suggestions, comments and critiques down below if you would like to see something different from the videos or you want them longer/shorter. Thank you for supporting the reading movement! Make sure you subscribe!