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Ever heard of a “good” book you should read?

“Bro, you gotta check out ‘4-Hour-Work-Week’, it’s amazing!”

“You should read ‘Think and Grow Rich’, I heard it’s really good.”

Hasn’t everyone? There seem to be too many books to handle, how can you get through them all? How do you know if you are reading the one you should be right now in your life? In your situation, is this the book that is going to bring the answers?

Well, I heard the same stuff! In November of 2015 I decided I would read 52 books in 2016. I took on the challenge and with vigor began searching for my first meal. I would begin devouring books at a rapid rate until I had flown through my 52. At least that was the plan. I began going through a mental list of books I had heard of and wanted to read. Everything from business books, like the two mentioned above, to spiritual/religious like “Abolition of Man” or “Love Wins”, to the classics, like those of Hemingway and Homer. I was quickly overwhelmed with fears of starting with the wrong book or investing a bunch of time, focus and effort into reading a book and then it not really being one that I liked. I starting looking for reviews on many famous titles and found very few that were satisfactory. I found many summaries, but they didn’t seem to hold any real opinion. They just told me what the book went over, never answering my real questions, “Is this book for me? Will this be worth my time?”

I have an intense love for reading. I wish more people read more. With how much reading contributes to one’s intelligence, and truly brings so much to life, I think we would be living in a very different world than we are today if people read more. Hopefully in my quest for the books that are worth your time, you’ll find the courage to place your fears to the side, pick up a good book, and jump in.

My goal is to bring forth insightful reviews and amazing discoveries, whether they come from filtering through some of the many famous titles and authors, or discovering those secret gems. I hope to produce reviews through Blog, Video, and Podcast, so that whatever your taste, you can find it all right here at theoracleinsider.com.

Oracle Insider was inspired by a love for reading, and a deficiency in guidance to the right books. Hopefully, with the right spin on things, we can find the books that are worth your time. But I will need your help! So if you have heard of a book that you really want to know about, send me an email, or post in the comments below and I’ll make every effort to have you a review that you can count on.

About Oracle Insider
“The book you don’t read won’t help.”

-Jim Rohn