4. I Dream In Color

I Dream In Color

I Dream In Color!

I dream dreams of fantasy. I dream of fairy tales, tall tales, love stories and glory. I dream of knights rescuing princesses, slaying dragons and giants along the way. I dream of champions being sharpened and refined through a crucible to face one purpose for their entire existence. I dream of mighty men who slay thousands in the name of their king. I dream of conquerors who face 10 million with their small number. I dream of a savior king who lays down his life for his kingdom. I dream of a man who in the face of annihilation does not fall into weakness, fear or subjection, but who rises above and gives his life for what he believes in. I dream that it is possible for one man to save his family, his people, his nation, and his world.

And see, many people say “Who needs that, anyone can dream.” And they are right, anyone can dream. But they are incredibly unaware of the fact that the world is stuck in their gray dreams. They are forever trapped in their white picket fences and their nice cars and their six-figured salaries, followed by fame, luxury and the comforts of security, that they never even know their dreams are gray. Until they see color, they don’t know what it looks like, they just think there are 50 shades of gray.

But that is when I realized it, I am the man I dream of. I am the knight, the warrior, the fearless savior king. For I was made this way. I was made to save the world in the name of my King. So I abandoned my hate for them. I betrayed my humanity by marooning my thoughts of judgement. I instead searched for a new master to rule my mind. I first found Truth, which appealed to my Reason, and then I found love, which quenched my entire need for control and for judgement, which lastly led me to trust, for only He gave me this color, and only He knows the end of the rainbow.

You see now… The world needs me, because I dream in color.

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  1. Amazing! So Wonderfully stated!!!
    I wholeheartedly agree. There is absolutely something in all of us that the world needs. It’s the discovery of His color. May we all live life beyond the pixels qualities of our imagination and allow the brilliantly unknown expanse of His color spectrum to overtake us and forever change the way we see, dream, and live in color.

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