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My name is Daniel Fowler, and I am the creator and founder of The Oracle Insider, where you can find the books that are just for you! Welcome to our site! Feel free to check out the blogs, the book reviews, the book review videos and eventually the podcast, but that part is yet to come.


I am excited to be providing you with fresh content every Saturday at noon (CST) on the books you should be reading. I am a reader, and by the age of 12 I had read about 400 books. Many were Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries, but the fascination was there and I was hooked! Since then I’ve broadened my horizons a little bit… Okay, a lot! I know that most of the time when I ask my friends if/what they read, they tell me that they don’t have time to read, they don’t know which books they should read if they did have time, or they can’t keep the focus to read for any sort of extended period. I hope to help with all 3 of these issues, since I have battled through all 3 in my own journey as a reader!


I used to have a severe case of ADD, I couldn’t read a paragraph and retain 80%+ without reading it 3-4 times. I was a very slow reader, losing focus and never finding time to put in the 8 hours or so that it took to see any real progress. So I started to study, I found out how largely reading contributes to one’s intelligence, memory, cognitive ability/critical thinking, on and on the list goes. I also found ways to counter my ADD naturally (no, I am not referring to Aderrall) and how to speed read, taking my reading from about 250 words per minute (WPM) to about 600. And it is increasing weekly. Reading more has changed my life, and that’s not even referring to the quality of content I have been reading. I hope to inspire others to take on some challenges that can help them to overcome their fears of wasting time, choosing the wrong books, reading in itself, and not knowing about certain books or authors that are commonly referred to (being illiterate).


So stick around and see if you benefit from the site a little bit, because it’s all free! Do me a favor, if you like the website, subscribe to the emails, follow on the socials and like us on Facebook. Share some of our links and tell someone about us. It would really help us get the material out there to benefit others in overcoming their fears of reading, and maybe together we can change the world we live in.